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    rocky (Wednesday, 09 January 2019 13:48)

    hi , i'm hoping to get to pattaya late Jan 2019 and rent a bike, are your rides/ same times still happening? Many Thanks Rocky.

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    Martin carter (Sunday, 30 December 2018 21:35)

    I am in Pattaya for 10 days are the rides still going out in the Day’s mentioned on the web site

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    Peter Reilly (Monday, 18 July 2016 23:50)

    Jomtiem Cycling Club Run 9th July 2016.

    Early Sunday morning 7 riders turned out for the weekly Club Ride.
    It had been raining overnight and the road surface was wet but did not stop the ride.
    There was a assortment of bikes, 2 road bikes, 2 hybrids and 3 mountain bikes.
    We set off from Jomtiem, over highway 3 and onto the "dark side" via Chaiyaphuek Road.
    There is not too much traffic at this time in the morning.
    We encounted some light rain on the way to Huai Yai which did stop the riders from chatting..
    Turning right on to Soi Mu Ban Krung we headed to the Chinese Village Ban Chak Ngaeo.
    The village roads are covered in red lanterns adding a some colour to a dull morning.
    We passed the Phoenix Golf Club heading to Ban Amphoe this is straight section of road and surprisingly fast.
    Turning left towards Wat Worawiharn one of riders got a flat tyre,plenty of help was on hand.
    We stopped at lake side to admire the great view with the temples and hills in the back ground.
    Around the lake beside the Wat and Viham Museum there is recently opened cycle only track, this is very popular on Sundays.
    From Viham Museum we took a steady climb up to the 331 and another rider and another flat tyre.
    It was not long before we where off and we turned onto 331 and heading south.
    The north bound side of the 331 is not open to motor vehicles and is a great ride with good views.
    Just before the 331/332 interchange we turned right into Ban Khao Bai village this saves going through the busy traffic lights.
    We soon reach the 332 to Silver Lake road, this road has just been resurfaced and its a smooth ride.
    Some of the riders are now getting a little tried but are still in good sprits, so we are going to head to Bang Saray for a stop and refreshments.
    On reach the Ang Kep lake its a left onto Wanphen this section is set in rolling hills and has some valley views a favourite section with the club riders.
    Pressing on we soon reach Mama Joons in Bang Saray, its refreshments and a stop, so everyone is happy.
    Sitting round the table its full of chatter about choice of tyres in the wet season especially after 2 flat tyres.
    We normally leave Bang Saray about 10.00am and visit the beach on the wayout.
    There is short climb up to the Sukhumvit and its starting to warm up so lets head back to Jomtiem.
    We lucky to today we have a slight tail wind so its 30/30+ kph down to Amphoe.
    The traffic is starting to get busy so its quick to Jomtiem 2nd road.
    We covered approximately 70km today and weather was noticeably cooler which made it enjoyable.
    All pleasant ride so its a shower and lunch.
    One of the riders was on holiday and used a hire bike from Ventures Bikes apart from some early problems
    which Venture corrected the bike was fine and he enjoyed the ride.