SilverLAKE country side

This is a ride through Thailand country side and starts early Wednesday and Sunday morning ( 06.15 ) 

Its about 75 km long and the average speed is between 22-26 km an hour.( depending on the group members )

suitable ONLY for ROAD bikes or HYBRID bikes.

There are a few hills in the route that everybody is able to climb at their own speed.

After each hill climb the group will stop to allow to the group to get together.

The routes have cycled before and selected for reasonable road condition and relativity dog free.

There is normally 1 stop for a breakfast/coffee/tea.

The group will head home together, to arrive at the starting point around 10.30



This ride is on the hill between Jomtien and Pattaya and starts Tuesday & Thursday morning ( 06.15 ).

Its about 20 km long and it contains each time there are a different set of hill climbs. ( depending on the group )  

There is also a lap circuit on the hill that is about 1.5 km long. 

Budha HILL

This ride is the same as SilverLake country side but including 2 steep climbs to budha temples.

From there you have a beautiful overview of the surrounding areas.

We normally do this ride with mountain or hybrid bike. 



- Jomtien Cycling Club will not be responsible for any injury or damage occurring form the events organised by the above club

- The average speed is 22-26 KM an hour, and a ROAD / HYBRID bike is necessary.

- It is mandatory to wear helmet and take at least 1 spare inner tube